The Saving Train

SoHumane rescues animals from shelters where they have already been marked for death. These are healthy, adoptable animals who have been overlooked and have run out of time at overcrowded public facilities. For more information on The Saving Train, click here.

Senior Pets

We know that senior animals (7 years and older) are among the first to be euthanized in many shelters that have an abundant supply of young energetic pets. We believe that every animal - no matter their age - deserves a second chance. 

Medical Needs

By addressing treatable medical conditions, we remove one of the biggest barriers to adoption and increase the number of animals who find new homes.


Rhiannon's Fund

When their beloved Corgi, Rhiannon, died unexpectedly of cancer, Matt Messner and Neil Sechan wanted to find a way to honor and remember the love she gave during her nine short years with them. Rhiannon, whose name means “great queen” in Celtic, “was high spirited, tenacious, a spitfire and we were fortunate that she passed so quickly, on her dog bed next to us in the middle of the night,” Matt wrote in an e-mail to friends and family.

Rhiannon died from the quick onset of cancer. There was nothing to be done. But as long-time supporters, Matt and Neil knew of the work SoHumane does to help animals  with treatable medical conditions.

They were not aware, however, that the cost of removing these barriers to adoption had increased in the past few years. In 2012 SoHumane spent $3,000 on repairing torn ligaments, extracting teeth, treating heart worm and removing tumors from otherwise healthy animals. In 2013, that amount more than doubled to $7,400. With an initial donation of $5,000 Matt and Neil asked SoHumane to set up an ongoing fund to treat animals transferred from shelters where they had not run out of time or space, but were facing euthanasia because of lack of funds for medical care. And so Rhiannon’s Fund was born.

The goal is to grown Rhiannon’s Fund into a self-sustaining endowment to medically benefit animals at SoHumane. In 2016 Truman (photo above) received additional veterinary care that made his adoption possible. Please consider a donation to Rhiannon's Fund. Say "yes" to animals like Truman who need your help.