More than 95 years of lifesaving efforts invested into our community.


SoHumane provides quality care for dogs and cats while working to make a difference in the pet overpopulation problem. Annually, SoHumane serves approximately 1,600 companion animals. In 2022 we successfully adopted out 1,275 animals, and saved 427 animals from euthanasia at other shelters through our Saving Train program.

Our Vision and Mission

To improve the lives of pets and people through sustainable programs of education, spay/neuter, and adoption.

Our strategic areas of focus are to provide shelter and adoption services for displaced pets while reducing pet overpopulation through spay/neutering. SoHumane provides humane education opportunities for people of all ages throughout the community. Additionally, we currently educate more than 1,000 children in our local schools each year via programs that foster compassion for all living things.

Did you know?


SoHumane is a registered not-for-profit organization dedicated to the humane treatment of companion animals. Mae Richardson founded the Humane Society of Jackson County in 1928 as an all-volunteer organization that initially provided services for displaced dogs and horses.

Meet the SoHumane Team

Karen Evans

Executive Director

Ryan Johnson
Donor Relations Manager
Estrella Cervantes

Operations Manager

Stephanie Roberts

Animal Care Manager

Dr. Jennifer Wicklund


Marinel Baker

Veterinary Care Supervisor

Coming Soon!

Volunteer Coordinator

Miranda Ahrens

Community Support Coordinator

                                                                            SoHumane Governance

Board Officers

  • Tamara Abbett - Board President
  • Barb Eaton - Vice President
  • Mark Tuai - Secretary
  • Andrea Saxon Gibson - Treasurer
Karen Evans - Executive Director

Board Members

  • Ginny Davis
  • Amy Di Costanzo
  • David Ross
  • Lynn McBee
  • Dawn Hartley