Foster with SoHumane!

SoHumane cares for more than 1,500 dogs and cats each year and many receive needed care in volunteer foster homes.

Foster volunteers provide temporary care for dogs and cats that need medical treatment, a break from the shelter environment to de-stress, and puppies/kittens that are not old enough to be made available for adoption.  Foster volunteers provide a clean, safe, loving environment for these pets and help prepare them to find new homes.

If you have questions about SoHumane's foster program, please contact our Community Support Coordinator, Miranda Ahrens at 541-779-3215, extension 104.

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Kitten fostering makes up the bulk of SoHumane's fostering needs.  Kitten season, generally ranging from March to October, brings hundreds of kittens into our care.  Many of these kittens are under 8 weeks of age and require foster, some of these litters only days old when they arrive at the shelter.  Foster families that provide care for these kittens allow SoHumane to save hundreds of kittens every year!

It isn't uncommon for pets that have been surrendered to SoHumane to feel overwhelmed and stressed at the sudden change they experience when entering our adoption program.  Foster is sometimes needed when these pets are unable to thrive in the shelter environment.  These dogs and cats will not typically have special medical or behavior needs.

SoHumane's goal of saying yes to as many dogs and cats as we can often leads to us intaking dogs and cats with special medical needs.  When these needs are unable to be addressed at our facility we rely on our foster program to provide a safe environment for them to receive treatment or heal after a surgery before we can make them available for adoption.

Are you interested in fostering?  Complete our 'Are You a Foster Candidate' form to see if your current living situation and lifestyle are a match for our program!

If you have completed the 'Are You a Foster Candidate' form and are still interested in becoming a part of the SoHumane Foster Program, please download our Foster Application.  Fill out this form and bring it to our facility at 2910 Table Rock Road in Medford.  Our intake team will review your application and be in touch!