Home to Home

The purpose of our Home to Home program is to provide assistance to families and individuals who find themselves in the difficult position of needing to rehome a beloved pet. We understand that circumstances can change, and finding a new home for a cherished companion can be a challenging and emotional process. Our goal is to make this transition as seamless and stress-free as possible for both pets and their owners. 

By partnering with Adopt-a-Pet.com, we have created our Home to Home free courtesy listings, expanding the reach and visibility of pets in need of new homes. Owners now have the option to list their pets not only on our website but also on multiple platforms, increasing the chances of finding the perfect match. Additionally, the collaboration allows owners to receive expert advice from Adopt-a-Pet.com staff, providing valuable support throughout the rehoming journey.

The pets listed below are not located at SoHumane and require direct communication through Adopt-a-Pet.com. This listing is a courtesy for those seeking to rehome animals and animal lovers seeking a new pet. SoHumane is not responsible for any health conditions or behavioral issues the animal may have.

To list with Adopt-A-Pet.com click the button below and use referal code RCXHAQTL2U8AD8Z to have your listing fees waived!